Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yoko Ono replied to me on twitter!

Tres cool!

Patti @pattiscanlon
I remember your exhibit in Syracuse ’71 I was 14 & you & John came up & asked if I was having a good time
Yoko Ono Wow! So you were there? We had a very good time there. I hope you did, too.

I follow her on twitter and on Fridays she posts on twitter that she will answer any question you have. I really didn't have a question but it was a few days before the anniversary of John Lennon's death (December 8) and I decided to just go for it!

In 1971, Yoko had an art exhibit in my hometown of Syracuse, NY at the Everson Museum. I was a freshman in high school that year and wasn't really a fan of the Beatles ( I know crazy, right?) I was more of a fan of the bubble gum genre, Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Michael Jacksons etc. If he was cute and made you puke with their sickening sweet songs and high falsetto voices, then I was all over it. But my friend Lisa was a fan of the Beatles, so when she heard John would be coming with Yoko and maybe some other Beatles could also make an appearance, then I let her drag me along.

I remember standing in a long line waiting outside and being let in and seeing some strange sculptures that were suppose to be, to my 14 year old untrained eye, art. What did I know about art? It was usually those centuries old paintings of unhappy people where people oooed and ahhh over and claimed them to be masterpieces--these were no worse. Walking through the different exhibits, you would hear excited screams and people running. Clueless to what was going on, we were directed to go to a small room where you could create your own art and we got our own easel  and  paint! lol, I paint as well as I sing BADLY! The elephants they give paint brushes to in zoos  paint better than I do! So there I was painting who knows what with blue paint no less in this little room and I hear this voice behind me say "Are you having a good time luv"?  Asking my little 14 year old self if I was having a good time was JOHN LENNON!  All I could respond was a weak little "yes" and then he and Yoko were gone.

Totally stunned John Lennon spoke to me and I'm still stunned to this day. Lisa turned to me and snarked the only reason he spoke to you is because you have blue paint all over your face",  THANK GOD FOR BLUE PAINT because now I have a story to tell the rest of my life that most people could only hope to have, And thanks by the way Lisa, for dragging me out that day, I owe you too. Oh footnote, George and Ringo were there supporting Yoko and we saw them too. So the only Beatle I have not see this close and personal is Paul. He's on my bucket list!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halle Berry and weird celebrity news

I know celebrities are not like us and have different problems but what I heard about Halle Berry and her daughter's baby daddy Gabriel Auby was just freaky! According to TMZ and other media outlets, Halle had to go to court to stop said baby daddy from having her daughter Nahla's hair lightened and straightened or according to TMZ "trying to turn her daughter white"! What? Rich people go to court for that? My mother use to torture me repeatedly with Toni Home Permanets and I think the smell alone did  long term brain damage and all my father managed to say was I looked cute, while my older brothers laughed in hysterics! I'm sure the judge in Nahla's case will make sure she will have some supervised daddy visits that don't include anywhere near a beauty parlor and for myself, I will  continue with my recovery from early hair disasters with my doll therapy.
 And Gabriel Aubey you can play with my hair instead, I volunteer as tribute!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reflections on JFK 51st Anniversary 11/22/1963

I am still totally obsessed watching documentaries of JFK's assassination on cable. I watched them all for what seemed like the whole month of November last year on the 50th and even last weekend caught some more rebroadcasts and even more captivating to me,

I was only 6 years old and in the first grade when it happened. I remember our catholic school principal abruptly coming over the intercom and interrupting our school day and just saying school was dismissed and to leave immediately!  I went out to the front of the school to wait for my older brother, three grades ahead of me,  to walk me home like he did every day. There w  as another kid running around shouting "the president's been killed" my brother came up and grabbed my hand and said "we better get home".  Home was just as confusing because there was my big, strong father home from work and crying his eyes out and my mother was in the kitchen hiding hers! A sight I never seen before and didn't understand why he would be crying about a man on tv.  And to make even matters even worse, all my after school cartoons I watched were pre-empted for all this news coverage! sigh, well that was my take on it from a 6 year but I have never forgotten one moment of it 51 years later.

Does anyone remember the Toy Presidents company? They were in business about 10 years ago and they had a great line of dolls featuring various presidents but not to be confused with Talking Presidents company which manufactured the exact same but different line of dolls. Think both are now defunct now.  I managed to grab a few from both companies and here is my JFK doll:


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real Barbie Housewives of NJ

You know I love some of those Bravo Housewives shows, especially New Jersey and New York. Anytime there is a new cast, try to find some of my dollie girls to pose as them. It was kind of trying because this year there are three new cast members and two of them are twins! You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find lookalike Barbies with so many of them having similar face sculpts among the Basics, DOW, and other non-celebrity dolls I've accumulated. BUT nothing was working until I found a Marissa Model of the Moment doll I bought for 25.00 at an antique store and had a second loose doll of her I picked up somewhere, ebay I think. They worked because the twins on the show are Italian and Marissa is suppose to be Brazilian, so the darker, tanned skin works.  When I do these "representations" of the housewives, my rule is I have to shop my own doll closet and use what I have. Trust me, I have a lot.

So here are my new girls and these bitches be bad!

Cast l-r: Amber Marchese, Dina Manzo, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Guidice, Nicole Napolitano, and Teresa Aprea

picture from


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update on my State Fair competition entry

Well...I did not get a blue ribbon but I did get a yellow ribbon which amounts to an Honorable Mention and I'M HAPPY WITH THAT! Considering I kept changing my mind about entering and wasn't going to enter but decided at the very last minute to enter and sewed the dress, without a pattern mind you, two hours up to the deadline, yes I'm very pleased they didn't reject it as a hot mess and send it back! Was that too long of a run on sentence? I can see my 8th grade English teacher Sister Joseph Anthony (why did they always have mens names?) giving me the stink eye for from the grave for that. No wait, Joseph Anthony is the name of the hair salon I go to.

 I traveled to the fair today to see my doll in person and take a picture of her and just to make sure she didn't escape onto the midway and get funnel cake powder all over her dress! She did look a little lonely, can't wait to bring her home. This was the best picture I could get of her she's behind a picket fence next to a sock monkey...A SOCK MONKEY!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Barbiestyle on Instagram


Barbie joined Instagram today and she already has over 5000 followers! I've been on it for six months and still can't figure out how to post pictures on it but I'm sure Barbie has her own "team" working on it for her. Her pictures and fashion advice  are so cute and sassy, would we expect anything less? Here is the link to her page if you want to check her out

And if you want to follow me on instagram, my user name is pattiannny.