Saturday, August 9, 2014

Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri Barbie

My entry in the Arts and Craft competition in the NY State Fair. Finally got her done at the last minute, worked up until 2 pm today and she had to be in by 4 pm, hey I always work best with a looming deadline over my head. Don't look to close because my sewing skills on this dress was lacking, but I entered the doll and not the sewing competition so hope they just judge on the over all look and forgive the construction. I had no pattern to work with, so I took apart the gown from the Jennifer Lopez doll and traced it. Hope I can do a better job putting it back together.

 Nina is from Syracuse, my hometown and where the fair is located, so that is why I chose to do a doll of her. Of course she is beautiful, so who wouldn't want a Barbie of her?



  1. Good luck and best wishes for success with your 2014 Miss America doll. You have chosen a lovely doll to represent her. The dress looks nice, too. Lovely color and drape. Do let us know the Contest results ;-)

    1. They send you a postcard if they accept or decline your entry and if they decline, you have to do the loser walk of shame and pick it up before the fair. Hope I don't have to do that, I did tweet this pic out to Miss America and she said she loved it, so we will see.