Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update on my State Fair competition entry

Well...I did not get a blue ribbon but I did get a yellow ribbon which amounts to an Honorable Mention and I'M HAPPY WITH THAT! Considering I kept changing my mind about entering and wasn't going to enter but decided at the very last minute to enter and sewed the dress, without a pattern mind you, two hours up to the deadline, yes I'm very pleased they didn't reject it as a hot mess and send it back! Was that too long of a run on sentence? I can see my 8th grade English teacher Sister Joseph Anthony (why did they always have mens names?) giving me the stink eye for from the grave for that. No wait, Joseph Anthony is the name of the hair salon I go to.

 I traveled to the fair today to see my doll in person and take a picture of her and just to make sure she didn't escape onto the midway and get funnel cake powder all over her dress! She did look a little lonely, can't wait to bring her home. This was the best picture I could get of her she's behind a picket fence next to a sock monkey...A SOCK MONKEY!



  1. Someone wanted to class up the sock monkey, lol?

    Your doll looks lovely. Congrats on the ribbon - it's acknowledgment, yellow or blue, that counts ;-)

    Hope you and your doll are reunited soon. (That would be a worry of mine if I were to compete. Suppose someone swipes her?)

  2. Yes, I was worried about someone walking off with her because she did cost $81.00 shipped from India but they do have people on staff monitoring during the day and a security guard at night. Somebody did swipe a blue ribbon quilt right off the wall a few years ago and they have tightened up security ever since. So thieves at the fair are after a bigger score than a pretty Barbie doll.